Clean Slate

Here at Home Inspirations we think 2017 is off to a wonderful start and we’ve got lots of exciting plans for the coming year.

Of course, we understand if you’re not feeling quite so enthusiastic at the moment. A couple of harried snow days, a nasty Nor’easter, all those resolutions involving weight loss and exercise to deal with, not to mention the nightly news, and even the most upbeat may be feeling a little bit beat-up right about now. Plus, on the home front, all the sparkling decorations have been stowed; the lights and tinsel carefully tucked away until next year. That’s a chore no-one relishes, and once accomplished, it’s not unusual to look around your living area, sigh and think “Now this feels a bit empty.”

Here’s the good news: While we can’t help much with the holiday pounds, we do know how to hit the re-set button décor-wise when you’re ready for an attitude adjustment. We’re taking our design cues from the Scandinavians this month. In the lands famous for polar nights (the days are not only shorter during winter, in some areas the sun doesn’t rise over the horizon at all!), decorating schemes focus on winter whites and lots of reflective surfaces to bounce light and add a touch of sparkle. That’s the ideal recipe for warding off winter’s chill and for an instant uplift in your living area.

Scandinavian designs are as clean and serene as new-fallen snow and the over-all effect is a guaranteed mood lifter. Since we’re all about inspiration, we’ve selected a few of our favorite Thomasville pieces across several collections to give you a fresh new outlook. Choose your favorite, then layer in some wonderfully modern, high-touch textiles, like a chunky knit throw, pillows packed with down, and a plush area rug and settle into ’17 in high style!

Snow Queen: Designer Jena Hall drew inspiration from the clean lines and light wood-tones popular in a land known for its long winters in the Elements & Origins Scandia Collection. Here, the Tivoli Curio in a Baltic finish is paired with the Tivoli Art Chair in Chanterelle. Note how the glass-fronted doors add sparkle to the space, especially when displaying a variety of glass and glazed ceramics. A chunky throw tossed across the chair is an invitation to cozy up to the winter scene outside while staying nice and warm!

Hides to Seek

For enduring beauty, quality and style, genuine leather furniture is a smart investment. In fact, real leather outwears fabric upholstery by four to one and actually improves in appearance as the years pass.

The key words here are “real,” and “genuine.” That’s because many manufacturers have become quite creative in recent years as they battle to offer the lowest prices. Spurred on by advances in technology, they’ve created a huge range of leather types and qualities. Indeed, in the search for the perfect leather sofa or chair, you may encounter bonded leathers, split leathers, polyurethane “leathers” and vinyl look-alikes.

Beware! Any leather furniture that is not labeled 100 percent top-grain leather means that the product uses man-made materials in order to reduce costs. It may have the look and feel of leather, but it is not leather and will never last as long or retain its good looks like the real thing.

So what’s a smart shopper to do? First, get the facts. As any of the designers at Home Inspirations will tell you, real leather is similar to human skin, and like people, the beauty of real leather is in its color variations and distinctive markings. That means if you see variations, you know you are looking at the real thing. If, on the other hand, you do not see any variations in the surface, you are either looking at heavily sanded leather, or a man-made material. This is very important because along with distinct differences in the way the leather feels to the touch real leather will always outlast man-made materials in terms of durability and beauty.

Ever Heard of a Sticky Cow?

We didn’t think so. Real leather is an organic material that breathes. So, anyone who tells you that leather furniture is sticky in the summer and cold in the winter has most likely been sitting on vinyl or some other man-made material. The fact is that real leather adjusts faster to the temperature of its surrounding environment than any other material, and is actually cool in summer and warm in winter.

Just like our skin, natural, full-grain cow-hides show wrinkles, insect bites, scratches, and marks that are unique to each animal. And, just as human skin can sunburn, direct sunlight can damage full-grain leathers too, which is something to consider when arranging a space.

A Natural, Renewable Resource

Easy to care for, and easy to love, leather is earth-friendly. The cowhides used to make quality furniture are a by-product of the meat industry, and if leather was not produced, synthetic alternatives created from non-renewable resources would be needed to replace it.

There are three types of leather used for upholstery:

Aniline, which is uses only the best hides, is highly prized and is the most natural looking type of leather. Aniline leather is colored by immersing the hide in transparent dye and is not coated with additional polymers or pigments. This means it can be stained easily and is not recommended for young families or high traffic use.

Semi-Aniline is a bit more hardy than aniline because it’s treated with a light coat that contains some pigment, which makes it more soil and stain resistant.

Protected is the most durable, because it has a polymer surface containing pigments, making it the hardiest leather. Easy to maintain, protected leather will stand up to a variety of conditions and uses.

Offering great value and visual drama, in styles ranging from classic and transitional to contemporary and casual, Thomasville leather sofas, sectionals, chairs, loveseats, ottomans and recliners are available in an endless array of fashionable colors and combinations. Plus we offer a multitude of options to make each piece a unique expression of you.

Leather, Occasionally:  Like a favorite leather jacket that gives any outfit a sophisticated edge a leather ottoman, like the Regatta Round or Regatta Ottoman, is the perfect accessory to rev up fabric-covered silhouettes. Conversely, an upholstered ottoman will add a pop of visual interest to the expanse of a leather sectional, as we show in the room scene here.

Explore Our Design Center and Room Planner



Close your eyes and imagine your home the way you’ve always wanted it. What furniture is there? How is the décor laid out? Are the upholstery patterns generic or customized? Well, you don’t have to just imagine anymore: The Design Center from Home Inspirations Thomasville can help make your dream home become a reality.

The Design Center process starts with customizing furniture. Whether you want sofas, beds, chairs, loveseats, ottomans or something else, Home Inspirations Thomasville has it. We also carry furniture from a wide variety of brands so you can find the precise piece you’re looking for. The Design Center allows you to modify the style, body fabric, pillow fabric, welt and finish of all these pieces. Take your time exploring the online program and discover new styles that speak directly to you.

After you’ve completed your furniture plans, focus in on your favorites to come back to later. You can also add your designs to our Room Planner. This software allows you to envision exactly how your custom furniture would look inside of your house. Input floor plans of all sizes and include structures like doors and windows to make the map appear just like your own room. Next, figure out where your custom pieces fit/look the best. Once you’ve found the perfect spots for them, save the arrangement, print it out and take it to a showroom at one of Home Inspirations Thomasville’s locations. One of our experts will assess your layout with you to see how all of your furniture can work together to create the dreamy atmosphere you’ve always wanted.

So, whether you want to play around with elegant décor ideas or search for design possibilities you never considered before, our Design Center and Room Planner are perfect for you. Don’t wait! Start crafting your own furniture and layouts today.


Utilizing the Re-decoration Action Plan featuring the Elements and Origins Collection

When thinking about redecorating and shopping for furniture, for many consumers the process starts off exciting but sometimes the excitement quickly turns to confusion. Where to start? You want a fresh look but not sure what is going to look good with the things you want to keep? How can you mix those new styles with your beloved, but not so perfect, family heirlooms you will be keeping? Sound familiar? So, you stop and put the project on hold for a while and you’ll try again later when you can concentrate.

Jena Hall, an award winning interior designer and an inductee into the American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame, has heard all of these reasons and more. “Consumers are often overwhelmed by all the choices and afraid of making a mistake”, Hall stated. “ I call this lack of action, “decorating paralysis”. This is why Hall created the new ELEMENTS & ORIGINS™ furniture collection for Thomasville tm.

“I created this Collection to provide a new way to decorate within safe parameters with a new type of updated traditional style furniture. These pieces can be “mixed and mingled” together and with older pieces you may have saved,” said Hall.

“The best way to get started on your decorating project is make a list of what stays and what needs to go. I have often designed an entire room around a favorite inherited piece. So here are my top ten tips how to turn confusion into your Re-decorating Action Plan:

  1. Measure & take pictures of the room that needs furniture including all four walls and your favorite, must keep Then bring the pictures & size requirement to Home Inspirations at Thomasville of Woodbridge or Princeton and work with one of their qualified interior design specialists.
  2. Ask them to show you some of “Elements & Origins furniture, the new way to decorate by mixing, matching or mingling several traditional styles”.
  3. Next, review the three distinctive ORIGINS Style Editions; Scandia, Paris, and Britain, all created to mix and mingle with each other as well as your existing, older styles.
  4. Choose from over 100 individual items within the Collection by narrowing down your needs for each room being furnished. Several pieces can be used in multiple ways from foyers to bedrooms, dining to kitchen, library or TV room, home office or living room.
  5. Next review your favorite finish, painted or stained and color coordinated textiles for the upholstery, all designed to help pull together a color schemes easily.
  6. Now, ask your store designer to help you work out the best size pieces for the room you will decorating.
  7. Now it’s time to start to narrow down the pieces you want to order by seeing which pieces stylistically work best with your family heirloom pieces you may be using in the same room. Remember they do not have to match, just compliment with related finishes & scale.
  8. Ask your designer to help place the “must keep Item “on a floor plan along with the new, either in the same room if it works well with your new selection or make suggestions where else to place it.
  9. A simple floor plan will to do the tick to see if what will fit BEFORE you order not after it arrives.
  10. Identify the pieces that you like the best from the three Editions but remember, the finishes and textiles can mix, match or mingle the old with new pieces.
  11. The Scandia Edition uses light shades of Maple and Pecan wood and draws on inspiration from the northern European countries with informal finishes yet classical details. An aged linen White or Chanterelle mushroom finish plus old world painted accent pieces will make your room feel like a romantic cottage or coastal retreat, The Paris Edition features an elegant steel gray finish along with companion pieces in gold leaf and transparent jewel like colors that allow the grain to show through while providing great accent statements. The Britain Edition has influenced from 17th and 18th century Wales, Scotland and Ireland’s great country homes and some classic looks from London’s Sayville Row.

Children’s Aid and Family Services

The Children’s Aid and Family Services is an important nonprofit that offers services aimed at safeguarding children, helping them flourish and supporting families located in northern New Jersey. For over 110 years, they have been involved in the community. While they try to meet the emotional needs of their residents, they don’t always have the resources to do so.

In 2010, the president of Home Inspirations Thomasville of New Jersey, Ed Massood, toured the Children’s Aid and Family Services group homes. Massood was touched by the hardworking staff, the supporters and the difference they were creating in the children’s lives. As a result, he inquired about how he could assist the agency in their efforts and a staff member gave him a wish list.

Not long after, new furniture arrived at a number of the homes—at no cost.

Now, Massood has pitched in to help again. Earlier this year, he gave $30,000 worth of furniture to three of the agency’s homes. Of these, one was a new property for mentally challenged adults, another a home for children in foster care and one a place for teen mothers and babies. Donated furniture included entertainment centers, dining room sets, rugs and artwork.

The Children’s Aid and Family Services organization always strives to create a welcoming environment in their homes. The provided furniture has helped to make a comfortable atmosphere, delighting both the staff and residents. Jerry Binney, President of the agency, was quoted in The Star-Ledger as saying, “We can’t thank Ed Massood and Thomasville Home Furnishings of New Jersey enough. Their gift is a wonderful demonstration of compassion and generosity to those we serve.”

Home Inspirations Thomasville was happy to help. For over 60 years, they have operated in the area and have been active in giving back to the community. To learn more about Children’s Aid and Family Services, call 201-261-2800 or go to

Cynthia Rowley Fuses Fashion and Décor in Her Collaboration With Hooker Furniture


Leading contemporary fashion designer, Cynthia Rowley, recently debuted her newest venture-a collection of home décor with Hooker Furniture. The collection features 140 pieces, each with their own unique flair and attitude. In an interview with Ace of Space’s Vicki Gladle Bolick, Rowley describes the collection as, “Pretty, Sporty and Curious.” From funky and fun to dainty and regal, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

So, what made Cynthia Rowley break from her renowned fashion career to dabble in the furniture business? She explains her motivation as having the desire to expose the art of living. Just as fashion tells a story, furniture does as well and Rowley was determined to give her audience the ability to tell their story through her collection.

Known for pushing the boundaries, her collection with Hooker Furniture is no exception. Bold and inventive pieces intertwine to create a spirited and dynamic collection. Rowley has promised that she remained true to her special and authentic style, while giving people the opportunity to interpret the collection for themselves and apply it to their own unique lifestyle. She hopes to create furniture, “that will brighten a space and make your house a happy place.”

While many may not see the synergy between fashion and furniture, Cynthia Rowley has proved that they are indeed relatable. Just as you wouldn’t wear the same thing every day, she recommends taking the same approach in decorating your home. She encourages shoppers not to be afraid of mixing and matching pieces that may seem unfit. Each room should have its own unique personality and story to tell. “Sometimes, the unexpected is what makes it a room exciting.” [sic] Try mixing her spunky Alchemist Bar Cabinet with the Swanson Upholstered Metal Side Chair. Or her Antoinette King Gilded Upholstered bed with the floral Fleur De Glee bench. The possibilities are endless with this vibrant, diverse collection.

Cynthia Rowley for Hooker Furniture invites shoppers to embrace her global lifestyle brand to create their home’s own unique statement. Home Inspirations Thomasville is proud to carry the Cynthia Rowley collection in its entirety. A luxury furniture store, with affordable pricing and a reputation for style and quality, Home Inspirations Thomasville knows excellence when they see it. Take the first step in refreshing your home’s personality and browse the Cynthia Rowley for Hooker Furniture collection exclusively at Home Inspirations Thomasville today.

What’s in a Sofa ?

Blog 3 Standing at her balcony, Juliet once famously said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” That’s all well and good for Shakespeare, but when it comes to shopping for upholstered furniture, not so much.

At Home Inspirations Thomasville we know that shopping for a new sofa can be an exciting and baffling journey. If you’re in the market for new seating, you may find two sofas that look absolutely identical on the outside, with two wildly different price tags. This is particularly true online, where quality can be very difficult to judge.

In store, you’ll find that wide discrepancies in pricing between sofas that look very similar on the outside probably look very different underneath all the beautiful fabric and trim. The key to ensuring your lasting satisfaction and receiving the most value for your money is to buy the best quality you can afford.

Blog 3 -2

When you find a sofa that attracts you with its good looks, just like Juliet, you need to find out more about your suitor or the consequences could be tragic. Most important, take a seat and test your level of comfort. If you’re shopping with your Romeo, and know he likes to lie down on the sofa to watch the big game, ask him to go for a test ride as well.

If the sofa feels great, the next move is to find out whether the level of comfort you enjoy now will continue down the road. Ask about frame construction, and try lifting a corner of the sofa off the floor. If it feels solid and sturdy, it’s a sign of a frame that is built to last. If the sofa visibly twists and wobbles, that isn’t.

Ask your sales associate if they can provide an illustration of the parts of the sofa you can’t see. You want to know how the sofa is put together, from the deck where the cushions rest, to the materials used inside the cushions, pillows and armrests. Simply put, the better the quality of the materials, the longer you can expect your sofa to retain its beauty and charm.

Here at Home Inspirations – Thomasville our knowledgeable sales associates will be happy to provide you with all the information you require to help you make an informed buying decision. We look forward to working with you!