Create a Comfortable, Connected Family Room

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Photo caption: Family rooms and Rec Rooms have become stylish, high-tech havens, but comfort is still king. Photo credit: The Daily Herald

Whether you call it a family room, rec room or great room, this space has become the heart of the home where dining, interacting, computing, entertainment and relaxing takes place.

Uniquely and distinctly American, the family room has only been around for about 40 years and has been propelled by the television, which has become an anchor of the room. The ideal family room has an open floor plan that encourages family interaction and helps to bridge generation gaps by architecturally mixing up the spaces.

How can you make your family or rec room into a connected, comfortable space that brings people together? Try these tips:

  1. L-shaped and U-shaped seating arrangements promote conversation, comfort

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Photo caption: L- and U-shaped sectional seating provides both individual and collective comfort in family rooms. Photo credit: Bradington-Young Furniture.

Upholstered sectionals are a great choice for family rooms, as they allow people to face one another in conversation, have good views of the TV from any angle, or curl up on one of the ends and read a book or surf the internet on a laptop.

2.  Consider wall units that accommodate computing, TV and book and display space.Where to put the TV, office space and files, books, decorative accessories and other “stuff” of the family room without having unsightly wires and stacks of paper everywhere? Expensive built-in cabinetry is one option, but a more affordable option is wall units offered by many furniture retailers.

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Photo caption: Wall units can help you incorporate technology, books and accessories in the family room. Photo: Hooker Furniture

3.   Make the family room cozy with colorful accent pillows, rugs and throws.While family rooms have come a long way from the basement or downstairs “den,” these increasingly stylish spaces are still all about coziness and comfort. Comfortable rugs underfoot are a key to reinforce a grouping or seating area. Accent pillows and throws are the finishing touches to create the ultimate comfortable, connected family room.

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Photo caption: Accent pillows, throws and rugs are the finishing touch for the ultimate comfy, connected family room. Photo credit:

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