What’s in a Sofa ?

Blog 3 Standing at her balcony, Juliet once famously said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” That’s all well and good for Shakespeare, but when it comes to shopping for upholstered furniture, not so much.

At Home Inspirations Thomasville we know that shopping for a new sofa can be an exciting and baffling journey. If you’re in the market for new seating, you may find two sofas that look absolutely identical on the outside, with two wildly different price tags. This is particularly true online, where quality can be very difficult to judge.

In store, you’ll find that wide discrepancies in pricing between sofas that look very similar on the outside probably look very different underneath all the beautiful fabric and trim. The key to ensuring your lasting satisfaction and receiving the most value for your money is to buy the best quality you can afford.

Blog 3 -2

When you find a sofa that attracts you with its good looks, just like Juliet, you need to find out more about your suitor or the consequences could be tragic. Most important, take a seat and test your level of comfort. If you’re shopping with your Romeo, and know he likes to lie down on the sofa to watch the big game, ask him to go for a test ride as well.

If the sofa feels great, the next move is to find out whether the level of comfort you enjoy now will continue down the road. Ask about frame construction, and try lifting a corner of the sofa off the floor. If it feels solid and sturdy, it’s a sign of a frame that is built to last. If the sofa visibly twists and wobbles, that isn’t.

Ask your sales associate if they can provide an illustration of the parts of the sofa you can’t see. You want to know how the sofa is put together, from the deck where the cushions rest, to the materials used inside the cushions, pillows and armrests. Simply put, the better the quality of the materials, the longer you can expect your sofa to retain its beauty and charm.

Here at Home Inspirations – Thomasville our knowledgeable sales associates will be happy to provide you with all the information you require to help you make an informed buying decision. We look forward to working with you!

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