Utilizing the Re-decoration Action Plan featuring the Elements and Origins Collection

When thinking about redecorating and shopping for furniture, for many consumers the process starts off exciting but sometimes the excitement quickly turns to confusion. Where to start? You want a fresh look but not sure what is going to look good with the things you want to keep? How can you mix those new styles with your beloved, but not so perfect, family heirlooms you will be keeping? Sound familiar? So, you stop and put the project on hold for a while and you’ll try again later when you can concentrate.

Jena Hall, an award winning interior designer and an inductee into the American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame, has heard all of these reasons and more. “Consumers are often overwhelmed by all the choices and afraid of making a mistake”, Hall stated. “ I call this lack of action, “decorating paralysis”. This is why Hall created the new ELEMENTS & ORIGINS™ furniture collection for Thomasville tm.

“I created this Collection to provide a new way to decorate within safe parameters with a new type of updated traditional style furniture. These pieces can be “mixed and mingled” together and with older pieces you may have saved,” said Hall.

“The best way to get started on your decorating project is make a list of what stays and what needs to go. I have often designed an entire room around a favorite inherited piece. So here are my top ten tips how to turn confusion into your Re-decorating Action Plan:

  1. Measure & take pictures of the room that needs furniture including all four walls and your favorite, must keep Then bring the pictures & size requirement to Home Inspirations at Thomasville of Woodbridge or Princeton and work with one of their qualified interior design specialists.
  2. Ask them to show you some of “Elements & Origins furniture, the new way to decorate by mixing, matching or mingling several traditional styles”.
  3. Next, review the three distinctive ORIGINS Style Editions; Scandia, Paris, and Britain, all created to mix and mingle with each other as well as your existing, older styles.
  4. Choose from over 100 individual items within the Collection by narrowing down your needs for each room being furnished. Several pieces can be used in multiple ways from foyers to bedrooms, dining to kitchen, library or TV room, home office or living room.
  5. Next review your favorite finish, painted or stained and color coordinated textiles for the upholstery, all designed to help pull together a color schemes easily.
  6. Now, ask your store designer to help you work out the best size pieces for the room you will decorating.
  7. Now it’s time to start to narrow down the pieces you want to order by seeing which pieces stylistically work best with your family heirloom pieces you may be using in the same room. Remember they do not have to match, just compliment with related finishes & scale.
  8. Ask your designer to help place the “must keep Item “on a floor plan along with the new, either in the same room if it works well with your new selection or make suggestions where else to place it.
  9. A simple floor plan will to do the tick to see if what will fit BEFORE you order not after it arrives.
  10. Identify the pieces that you like the best from the three Editions but remember, the finishes and textiles can mix, match or mingle the old with new pieces.
  11. The Scandia Edition uses light shades of Maple and Pecan wood and draws on inspiration from the northern European countries with informal finishes yet classical details. An aged linen White or Chanterelle mushroom finish plus old world painted accent pieces will make your room feel like a romantic cottage or coastal retreat, The Paris Edition features an elegant steel gray finish along with companion pieces in gold leaf and transparent jewel like colors that allow the grain to show through while providing great accent statements. The Britain Edition has influenced from 17th and 18th century Wales, Scotland and Ireland’s great country homes and some classic looks from London’s Sayville Row.

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