Explore Our Design Center and Room Planner



Close your eyes and imagine your home the way you’ve always wanted it. What furniture is there? How is the décor laid out? Are the upholstery patterns generic or customized? Well, you don’t have to just imagine anymore: The Design Center from Home Inspirations Thomasville can help make your dream home become a reality.

The Design Center process starts with customizing furniture. Whether you want sofas, beds, chairs, loveseats, ottomans or something else, Home Inspirations Thomasville has it. We also carry furniture from a wide variety of brands so you can find the precise piece you’re looking for. The Design Center allows you to modify the style, body fabric, pillow fabric, welt and finish of all these pieces. Take your time exploring the online program and discover new styles that speak directly to you.

After you’ve completed your furniture plans, focus in on your favorites to come back to later. You can also add your designs to our Room Planner. This software allows you to envision exactly how your custom furniture would look inside of your house. Input floor plans of all sizes and include structures like doors and windows to make the map appear just like your own room. Next, figure out where your custom pieces fit/look the best. Once you’ve found the perfect spots for them, save the arrangement, print it out and take it to a showroom at one of Home Inspirations Thomasville’s locations. One of our experts will assess your layout with you to see how all of your furniture can work together to create the dreamy atmosphere you’ve always wanted.

So, whether you want to play around with elegant décor ideas or search for design possibilities you never considered before, our Design Center and Room Planner are perfect for you. Don’t wait! Start crafting your own furniture and layouts today.


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