Clean Slate

Here at Home Inspirations we think 2017 is off to a wonderful start and we’ve got lots of exciting plans for the coming year.

Of course, we understand if you’re not feeling quite so enthusiastic at the moment. A couple of harried snow days, a nasty Nor’easter, all those resolutions involving weight loss and exercise to deal with, not to mention the nightly news, and even the most upbeat may be feeling a little bit beat-up right about now. Plus, on the home front, all the sparkling decorations have been stowed; the lights and tinsel carefully tucked away until next year. That’s a chore no-one relishes, and once accomplished, it’s not unusual to look around your living area, sigh and think “Now this feels a bit empty.”

Here’s the good news: While we can’t help much with the holiday pounds, we do know how to hit the re-set button décor-wise when you’re ready for an attitude adjustment. We’re taking our design cues from the Scandinavians this month. In the lands famous for polar nights (the days are not only shorter during winter, in some areas the sun doesn’t rise over the horizon at all!), decorating schemes focus on winter whites and lots of reflective surfaces to bounce light and add a touch of sparkle. That’s the ideal recipe for warding off winter’s chill and for an instant uplift in your living area.

Scandinavian designs are as clean and serene as new-fallen snow and the over-all effect is a guaranteed mood lifter. Since we’re all about inspiration, we’ve selected a few of our favorite Thomasville pieces across several collections to give you a fresh new outlook. Choose your favorite, then layer in some wonderfully modern, high-touch textiles, like a chunky knit throw, pillows packed with down, and a plush area rug and settle into ’17 in high style!

Snow Queen: Designer Jena Hall drew inspiration from the clean lines and light wood-tones popular in a land known for its long winters in the Elements & Origins Scandia Collection. Here, the Tivoli Curio in a Baltic finish is paired with the Tivoli Art Chair in Chanterelle. Note how the glass-fronted doors add sparkle to the space, especially when displaying a variety of glass and glazed ceramics. A chunky throw tossed across the chair is an invitation to cozy up to the winter scene outside while staying nice and warm!

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